International Conference

3rd CitEdEV International Conference with support of CiCeA, Prague 2024:

Connecting Perspectives in Citizenship Education for Strengthening European Values

Important dates

June 30, 2023 – Call for abstracts
September 30, 2023
– Abstracts proposals submission deadline
September 30, 2023 – Abstract proposals decision
January 12–13, 2024 – Conference


Charles University in Prague, Faculty of Education, January 12–13, 2024

This is the final conference of the Jean Monnet CitEdEV project involving a cross-disciplinary team of academics from 19 countries, exploring European Values and Citizenship Education. It will present the projects’ findings and recommendations and will include a panel discussion to which decision-makers from the European Commission have been invited. Keynote speakers will also address issues around European values and citizenship education. In addition to papers reflecting the work of the project, we welcome papers on the broader theme of Connecting Perspectives in Citizenship Education for Strengthening European Values.

In the current increasingly interconnected world, the notion of citizenship transcends the boundaries of individual states and regions. The European identity is changing, becoming more layered, more than ever before it includes concern, responsibility for a dignified and responsible common life for all. The values on which Europe is based are not being replaced by others, but by taking an interest in the historical and social experiences and needs of other cultures and parts of the world, by sharing knowledge and values with each other, they can be strengthened and enriched.

The intention of the conference is to share expert knowledge that maps the issue of linking perspectives in citizenship education and thus contribute to the improvement of citizenship education (not only) in university education. We hope that the conference will contribute to the understanding of how to improve citizenship education programmes and initiatives to reinforce and enrich European values and help (not only) young people to understand the complex challenges the world is facing today and their willingness and competence to actively contribute to living in peace and cooperation with others.

The upcoming conference will be held at the Faculty of education, Charles University from 12th to 13th January 2023. The conference starts on Friday, January 12 at 9 a.m. and ends on Saturday, January 13 at 1 p.m.